The City of Pasadena, Texas Parks and Recreation Department Athletics Division offers several Adult
Double Header Co-Ed Kah-Boom Kick-Ball leagues. We can only accept 10 teams per league night. Therefore, the first 10 teams to register, are in. Absolutely no exceptions!

About Kick-Ball Leagues

We will offer three different Kick-Ball Leagues on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.
These leagues run year round. As soon as one league ends the next one starts up two or three weeks later. Therefore, our patrons will be able to sign up or register to secure a place in the next league, while the current leagues are taking place or at any time of the year.

Each league runs for a 13 week stint.

  • For week one we kick off the league session with a consolidation of all of each league night of that session's leagues, directing a Consolidated Pre-Season Tournament. This Tournament is held on the Saturday prior to the start of the upcoming league session.
  • For the next nine weeks, the teams will use a round robin league format to establish a regular season league champion.
  • For the final three weeks of that league session each team will be seeded from number one through number ten; based on the entire Regular Season Schedule. This is called our Post Season Championship Tournament. The final three weeks will be used to determine a Post Season Tournament Champion.