Narcotics Investigations

The Narcotics Division is under the command of Lieutenant J. Holt and directly supervised by Sergeant R. Sorrell. The division is comprised of eleven investigators, of which several are assigned to federally sponsored multi-agency task forces, headed by the United States Custom Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The other investigators are under the immediate supervision of the Narcotics Sergeant with the primary responsibility of investigating violations of the Texas Controlled Substances Act. The division also provides assistance to other units of the department when there is a need for undercover tactics or covert surveillance.

Housed in our facilities, the task force was composed of members of our department along with officers from Seabrook and South Houston. Recognizing the importance of this cooperative effort, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration opted to participate in the task force, thus providing significant federal resources. The task force has met with great success and expectations are high for the future.