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Cat Adoption Application


  1. 1. Personal Information
  2. 2. Pet Training & Experience
  3. 3. Current Pet(s), Veterinary Health, & Financial Obligations
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  • Personal Information

    1. City of Pasadena Animal Control & Adoptions
    2. Cat Adoption Application
    3. Please note: your preferred pet(s) may no longer available or may have pending applications. If this is the case, are you open to staff's recommendations for other, similar pets you may like?*
    4. What is your preferred method of contact?*
    5. Do you own or rent this residence? Note, we will verify.*
    6. If you rent, have you paid your pet deposit?*
    7. Does your apartment or rental community have breed or pet restrictions?*
    8. Does everyone in your home want a pet?*
    9. Does anyone in your household have pet allergies?
    10. This person is allergic to:
    11. Is this person receiving treatment for allergies?