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Dog Adoption Application


  1. 1. Personal Information
  2. 2. Household
  3. 3. Pet Training & Experience
  4. 4. Current Pet(s), Veterinary Health, & Financial Obligations
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  • Personal Information

    1. City of Pasadena Animal Control & Adoptions
    2. Dog Adoption Application
    3. Thank you for your interest in adopting!

      Fill in all required information completely. Partial addresses, in particular, result in processing delays. Applications may require up to two to three days to process; please check your voicemail, email, and junk email for a response from us. If you have not heard from us within a few days, email, as we may not have received your application.

    4. Please note: your preferred pet(s) may no longer available or may have pending applications. If this is the case, are you open to staff's recommendations for other, similar pets you may like?*
    5. What is your preferred method of contact?*
    6. Do you own or rent this residence? Note, we will verify.*
    7. Does your apartment or rental community have breed or pet restrictions?*
    8. Do you have a fenced in yard?*