Juvenile Investigations

The Juvenile Division is under the command of Lieutenant Joey McGill, with first-line supervision by Sergeant L. Lebedzinski. There are currently four detectives assigned to the division and two civilian employees. The civilian employees consist of a Harris County Community Youth Services Counselor and a secretary.

The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Juvenile detectives rotate on a weekly basis to be “on call” in the event that an incident occurs that would require immediate investigation outside of normal business hours.

Children's Assessment Center

Additionally, there are four Pasadena Detectives assigned to the Children’s Assessment Center, under the direct supervision of Sergeant B. Linthicum. The detectives who are assigned to the Harris County Children’s Assessment Center serve as sexual assault and physical abuse investigators of offenses, which occurred in Pasadena. This assignment began in the last quarter of 1998.

The Harris County Children’s Assessment Center was established in order to coordinate the efforts of specialists in a variety of areas related to the investigation of sexual and physical abuse of all children in Harris County. This coordination of efforts among specialists has resulted in the increased efficiency of operations at the center, as well as the enhancement of prosecution in cases of sexual and physical abuse of children.

Crimes Against & By Children

The Juvenile Division is charged with the responsibility of investigating all offenses committed against persons under the age of seventeen (with the exception of death investigations) as well as all offenses committed by persons under the age of seventeen years old.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Juvenile Division is required to investigate all cases referred by the Harris County Children’s Protective Services, as well as attempting to locate juveniles who have been absent from their homes without permission of their parent or guardian (runaways). The Harris County Community Youth Services Counselor serves as the primary point of contact for cases referred by detectives to a youth counselor.

Juvenile Counselor

Vanessa Rodriguez, Harris County Youth Services Specialist, provides consultation and crisis counseling to youth and their families for the Pasadena Police Department. She works with children and youth of any age provides resources and information on a wide range of services that are free or low cost within the City of Pasadena. 

Vanessa Rodriguez can be reached at 713-475-7831.