Crime Victim Assistance Program

The Pasadena Police Department offers a Crime Victim Liaison who provides direct assistance to crime victims through advocacy, support, education, and outreach. Our Crime Victim Liaison works closely with various social service providers and legal agencies within Harris County and is familiar with a wide variety of resources available to victims of crime. The Pasadena Police Department is dedicated to assisting victims of crime and their families. Therefore, the services we provide are FREE of charge.

The goal of the Victim Assistance Program is to reduce the trauma and stress caused by the crime and empower those impacted so they can make the transition from victim to SURVIVOR.

Crime can impact anyone; however, families and children can be particularly vulnerable. The negative effects of crime are far-reaching and can continue after an arrest or court judgment. In most cases, the results of violent crime are physically and emotionally damaging, as well as, financially destructive. We want victims to know they are not alone and the Pasadena Police Department is here to help.

Services provided by the Victim Assistance Program include:

  • Liaison between the victim and law enforcement with the ability to provide case status and arrest notification
  • Information and referral to local support agencies and referrals to community resources that offer free or inexpensive services
  • Personal Advocacy and accompaniment to hospitals or other service agencies
  • Assistance in filing Crime Victims’ Compensation Claims
  • Assistance in Obtaining Protective Orders

By offering these services, we hope to reduce the trauma experienced by victims and witnesses in the wake of a crime. 

Crime Victim Liaison

Mercedes Santillanes_Crime Victim Liaison

Mercedes Santillanes is our new Crime Victim Liaison who joined the Department in January, 2020. Mrs. Santillanes is committed to helping crime victims navigate the criminal justice system and rebuild their lives by educating survivors of crime about their rights and informing them of services that may be available to them.

Mrs. Santillanes and the Pasadena Police Department strive to make a positive impact by providing appropriate responses to the needs of all crime victims to lessen the short and long-term trauma experienced as a direct result of victimization. You can contact Mrs. Santillanes via telephone at (713) 475-4814, or by email at: