Maris - 1990

Wanted - Information Only, Regarding the Death of Detta Dee Taylor Maris

Maris Family

The Pasadena Police Detective Division continues to investigate the 1990 death of Detta Dee Taylor Maris, a 35 year old housewife, pictured far left. She had lived with her husband, Wiley Ray Maris, and her teenage daughter at the family residence in the 6200 block of Georgiana Street in Pasadena. The victim was last seen at her home July 14, 1990. She thereafter "disappeared;" her decomposed body found 8 months later in a Liberty County rice field. Her death is currently viewed as a homicide.

Detta's husband was evasive with family members and the police since his wife's disappearance. As a result, there is minimal information available to investigators.

Information & Tips

Anyone having any information that they feel may have some connection with this case is asked to call Detectives at  713-475-5590.