Bicycle Patrol

The Pasadena Police Bike Patrol falls under the Day Shift Commander, Lieutenant Susan Clifton. The unit consists of Officers assigned to all three of the Patrol shifts. The bike officers are primarily assigned to patrol and perform bike duties in addition to daily patrol duties.

Two officers ride bikes

Bike Patrol Expansion

The Pasadena Bike Patrol was recently expanded and updated with the purchase of 19 Specialized brand “Rockhopper” bicycles and 19 bike racks to transport them on the back of police cars. The officers have specialized bike uniforms that consist of a blue “polo” style shirt, black pants or shorts, and a white helmet. They can patrol any area within the city but typically focus on public parks, apartment complexes, and any area so designated by shift sergeants.

Targeting Problem Areas

Bike Officers are highly effective at targeting specific crime problems as the bicycle allows the officer to catch criminals in the act as they are not as easily seen or heard when patrolling. The mobility of a bicycle allows the officers to patrol apartment complexes and parks when other forms of patrol cannot.

The bike officer is not only an excellent crime fighter, but he/she is an icon within the community as they have close contact with citizens on a daily basis.

Community Asset

Bike officers also perform a community service by hosting bike rodeos for children and traffic control for parades and community events.

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