The Communications and Jail Divisions are operated 24 hours a day by a civilian staff under the command of Assistant Chief Jerry Wright. Each of the respective shifts, which coincide with the Patrol Shifts, is under the Police Civilian Director Kristie Lewis and the day to day shift level operations are supervised by a team of civilian supervisors.

To contact a police department employee by email, view our directory. The division is responsible for answering all incoming phone calls to the police department including 911 calls. All police, fire, city service and EMS calls are dispatched from the communications center. (Fire and EMS are dispatched by employees of the Fire Department and EMS provider respectively)

Telephone Reports

Under certain conditions, a report can be made over the telephone with the front desk officer at 713-475-4208.


In an Emergency, dial 911. If you are unable to speak, simply lay the telephone down. This will allow dispatchers to monitor the call and dispatch officers to your location.

(Dispatchers are not able to determine the location of all cellular calls)