Fire Marshal's Office

About Us

Founded in 1948, the Pasadena Fire Marshal’s Office is committed to excellence both in professional development of its members and protecting its citizens from the effects of fire. This commitment to fire safety was recognized by Insurance Service Organization (ISO) in 2019 when the city was awarded an ISO rating of “Class 1”. ISO ratings are used to help establish fair premiums for fire insurance — generally speaking the better the class rates, the lower the insurance premiums paid by our citizens. Pasadena’s ISO “Class 1” rating puts the city in the top 1% of the 43,245 communities in the United States evaluated by ISO.

Mission Statement

“Ensuring that the lives and property of the citizens and guest of the City of Pasadena and the Fire Service is adequately protected from fire and its related hazards.”


“A few helping many through dedication, education, and enforcement.”

The Fire Marshal is the city’s chief fire prevention officer whose duties and responsibilities are given to him by the Mayor of the City of Pasadena, the Charter and Ordinances of the City of Pasadena and by the Laws of the State of Texas. The duties of the Fire Marshal include:

  • Maintaining records of fires within the city.
  • Coordinating fire prevention and public education programs.
  • Investigating origin and cause of every fire occurring within the city and pursue the arrest and prosecution of arsonist.
  • Inspecting all businesses and state certified institutions annually for fire and life safety hazards.
  • Building plans review.
  • Investigating environmental crimes.
  • Fire alarm permits and  compliance.
  • Issuing burn permits (for ceremonial burns).
  1. Fire Prevention
  2. Investigations Division
  3. Environmental Crimes
  4. Administrative Support
  • Inspections DivisionInspects businesses and state certified institutions annually for fire and life safety hazards.
  • Public Fire Education DivisionInforms and instructs the general public about the dangers of fire and about fire-safe behavior.
  • Plan Review DivisionBuilding plans review for fire code compliance.