Bill Payments

Payment Options

Do not pay online or by IVR if you are making a payment on the "Disconnect Date." The Water Billing Office does not receive the payment file until the following business day nor do we receive notice that a payment has been made.  

Payment Options – for your convenience, we offer several ways to pay your bill.

There is a service fee of $2.95 3.25 per transaction. There are two ways to make a payment: 1) One-Time Payment – you only need your account number or 2) Register on our Customer Portal – if you register, you can: (1) save payment information; (2) set up auto payments; (3) receive Payment Reminder Email notifications; and (4) manage and pay multiple accounts.

  • IVR by calling (888) 647-0085 for 24-hour automated self-service via interactive-voice-response technology. Para español oprima 2. There is a service fee of $2.95 3.25 per transaction.
  • Bill Pay - most financial institutions offer a program called Bill Pay, which allows customers to set up payees through their website. Note: Some banks still print and mail a check in so please check with your bank as this adds additional days before the City receives it.
  • Automatic Draft (ACH) from a checking or savings account. To enroll in the program, customers must fill out and sign this bank authorization form (PDF). You may revoke bank draft authorization at any time by using this cancellation form (PDF).
  • Mail - the date payment is received, not the postmark date, is used to determine timeliness. Make checks payable to “City of Pasadena” and mail to PO Box 1337 Pasadena, TX 77501-1337.
  • Call office at (713) 475-5566 during business hours; a 4% processing fee is assessed.
  • Night depository (Night drop) at the City Annex after business hours (these payments will not be processed until the following day’s business).
  • Drive-through lanes at the City Annex.
  • In person at the City Annex; if paying by credit or debit card a processing fee will be charged (4% of the amount being paid).
  • At authorized payment locations - For accounts that are not past due, payments can be made at one of many of our authorized payment locations. Following are authorized payment locations:
    1. Fiesta (1603 Spencer Highway)
    2. Food Town (Richey/Harris)
    3. Mexico Lindo (2145 Red Bluff Road)
    4. Mi Tienda (Shaver/Spencer)
    5. PLS Check Cashers (6868 Spencer Highway, 3023 Spencer Highway, and 950 E Pasadena Boulevard)
    6. Seller’s Brothers (2311 Strawberry Road)

Payment Due By Dates

Customers have 18 days from the date of the bill to pay the balance due on their account without penalty. Please be aware that payments not received by the due by date are subject to a 10% late fee.

  • If your account begins with a “1,” your bill goes out on the 1st Thursday of the month
  • An account that begins with a “2” goes out the 2nd Thursday of the month
  • If the account begins with a “3” than it goes out on the 3rd Thursday
  • If it begins with a “4” then it is billed on the 4th Thursday of the month


Deposits for residential customers are as follows: 

  • Owner - $125
  • Renter - $150

Commercial deposits are generally comparable to two months’ service of a commercial business similar to the applicant but no less than $75. In addition, a non-refundable $30 connect service charge must be paid before the services are connected.

Discounted Rates Program (65 & Over)

If you are 65 or older, you qualify for reduced rates for City water, sewer and garbage services. Reduced rates are available only for primary residences and you must provide the required documentation in order to qualify. Download the application for discounted rates (PDF).