Chaplain Corps


The Pasadena Police Department Volunteer Chaplain Corps was initiated in March of 1975. The goal of the Chaplain program was to develop a group of volunteer ministers to assist the police department with the personal and job related spiritual needs of the police officers and community at large.

Pasadena Police Badge

Constant Service

The Chaplain Corps provides service twenty-four hours a day year around and consists of approximately twenty ministers from a variety of religious affiliations. Also, the Corps works directly with the administration of Bayshore Hospital providing Chaplain services to the needs of their customers.

Chaplain Coordinator

Sergeant Ronnie Jordan is the department’s chaplain coordinator. He, along with the Executive Chaplain Committee, manages the day-to-day scheduling of the twenty volunteer ministers.

Callouts are assigned by one of the Executive Chaplains who then are responsible for contacting and notifying the on-duty Chaplain about the nature and purpose of the call.

The department provides transportation along with a police radio to the Chaplain Corps members. The chaplains are encouraged to take an active role in riding with patrol officers in an effort to learn what officers experience on a daily basis and to improve the working and personal relationships between the two entities.

Chaplain Meetings

The Chaplain Corp meets the first Tuesday of each month inside the cafeteria of Bayshore Hospital. The administration of the hospital generously provides lunch for the volunteers.

During these meetings, guest speakers address the Chaplain Corp and a variety of topics are presented and discussed. Members of the Chaplain Corps are responsible to attend these monthly meetings and periodically mandatory training is provided.

More Information

For more information, contact Sergeant Jordan Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 713-475-4975.