Crime Prevention

Sergeant Craig Hamilton oversees five full-time officers who are crime prevention trained. They are dedicated to increasing community awareness of crime-related problems and ways in which to address them. In addition to crime prevention activities, the officers provide public safety information to residents of our community.

Positive Public Relations

Crime prevention enhances the Police Department’s image through the many positive public relations contacts within the community. The division is also responsible in the operation of the Citizen’s Police Academy, Trunk-or-Treat, and Officer Santa programs.

Burglary Victim Protection

Additionally, this unit has adopted a new program in which victims of residential and business burglaries are contacted by telephone or in person.  The goal of this program is for a Community Service officer to perform a home security survey of a victim’s property and inform the citizens of changes that should be made to decrease the probability of being victimized in the future. 

Crime Prevention home security check