Stormdrain Facts

Only Rain In The Stormdrain!

Help our waterways stay healthy by keeping the street and stormdrain clear of trash and debris. Only rain water should flow into our storm sewers, they drain directly into area bayous then into Galveston Bay.

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Fertilizers & Pesticides

Do not overuse fertilizers and pesticides. Make sure to always read package instructions and never pour leftover chemicals into the storm drain, ditches, or open channels.

The next rainfall or your watering system can wash chemicals off your lawn and into our stormdrain system. When the water empties into the bayous it can cause algae blooms, taking much needed oxygen out of the water, and leading to fish kills.

Grass Clippings

Bag or sweep grass clippings back onto your lawn after mowing instead of sweeping them into the street or stormdrain inlet.

Grass clippings do not get washed away but pile up making breeding pools for mosquitoes and causing clogs in the pipes under our city, leading to flooding in our streets and neighborhoods.

Recycling & Waste Disposal

Recycle and dispose of all waste materials properly! Styrofoam, oil, electronics, batteries, there is always an environmentally friendly way to get rid of unwanted materials in your home and office.

Anything dumped illegally in stormdrains, waterways, and fields will end up in the water and at the beaches where we swim, play, and picnic. In taking the time to dispose of trash correctly, you help entire ecosystems and yourself stay happy and healthy.

Additional Information

Thank you for helping our community by protecting stormdrains and stormwater. For more information please call the City of Pasadena action Line at 713-475-5555 or email Environmental Services.