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Initial Doggie Date Application


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  • Personal Information

    1. City of Pasadena Animal Control & Adoptions

    2. Initial Doggie Date Application

    3. Note: Valid identification will be required to take out a dog. Contact the shelter is you need to use an alternate form of ID.

    4. Are you at least 18 years of age?*

      Participants must be 18+.

    5. Do you want to be considered for an overnight date?*

    6. Have you ever owned a dog?*

    7. Are you comfortable handling:*

    8. In general, I prefer dogs that are:*

    9. Answer optional

    10. Do you own or rent your residence? Note, we will verify.*

    11. Does your apartment or rental community have breed or pet restrictions?*

    12. Do you have a fenced in yard?*

    13. Do you have other pets?*

    14. If yes, what type?

    15. Are your pets current on their vaccines?*

    16. Are you prepared to keep your pet(s) separate?*

    17. Will you bring your dog(s) in for a meet & greet?*