Rusk Recreation Center

Rusk Calendar February 2024


The City of Pasadena recognizes that some residents are financially unable to participate in programs offered by the Pasadena Parks & Recreation Department but still desire the opportunity to experience the benefits of recreational programs and/or services. Pasadena Parks & Recreation offers a Scholarship Program to make recreational programs and/or memberships available to as many City of Pasadena residents as possible.

Eligibility for financial assistance is based on family size and income. Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year. CLICK HERE to view the application and eligibility criteria!

Recreation Center Information:

Rusk Recreation Center offers a safe and fun place for families to come and enjoy themselves.  The game room is open to the public and has a variety of ready to use games, in addition to recreational programming designed to meet the diverse interests of the citizens of Pasadena. 

Stop by and be a part of the Rusk Recreation Center family. To reserve Rusk, please visit the Parks and Recreation Office at 3111 San Augustine, or for more information call (713) 475-7048.

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