Park Rules

Park Hours are 6:00am to Sun Down except for the parks listed below, which are 6:00am to 11:00pm

Ben Briar Park

Burke Crenshaw Park

Deepwater Park

East Southmore


Holly Bay Park

Memorial Park

Red Bluff Park

Satsuma Park

Strawberry Park

Sunset Park

These rules apply to all parks and certain parks will have other specific rules posted on site. 

PROHIBITED in the Park:


Alcoholic beverages, glass bottles and receptacles

Unauthorized motor vehicles

Fires or BBQs outside of fire rings or pits

Horses or livestock on park grounds

Dogs off-leash

Weapons and fireworks

Soliciting without permit

Destroying, damaging or defacing any public property

 (Title 19, Chapter 191, Government Code of Texas)

To make the park an enjoyable experience for everyone:

Pick up after pets

Control noise levels

Do not harass wildlife

Please be respectful of others

Details and penalties of the Park Rules can be found in Section 24 of the Pasadena Municipal Code.

For Park Information:      713-475-7048

Pasadena Police:            713-477-1221