Increase Access To Healthy Foods

Committee Chair: Katy Oestman


#1: Increase nutrition education opportunities for targeted audiences.

#2: Assess healthy food access points and increase access where needed.

#3: Partner with Houston Food Bank to increase food distribution.

Healthy Food Links:

  • CLICK HERE for a map of grocery stores in Pasadena!
  • Houston Food Bank has a Partner Locator Map that allows community members to search by zip code to find pantries, meal sites, and more near them. They can also call our help line (832-369-9390) for assistance.
  • SNAP-ed Connection: US Department of Agriculture:

Healthy Food Resource Links:

  • If you can teach your kids healthy habits when they are young, they are much more likely to make healthy choices as an adult. Use this chart as a guide to help you and your family make smart food choices! 
  • Eating in-season produce is good any time of the year. It’s often less expensive because those in-season fruits and vegetables don't have to be transported as far. They are more nutrient-rich because they stay on the branch longer. CLICK HERE to check out these tips for healthy eating on a budget!
php health food map for Pasadena